"So it is not remarkable that when the federal census of 1860 was taken Rock county, Minnesota, was credited with a population of 23."
Source: An Illustrated History of the Counties of Rock & Pipestone Minnesota, 1911


"Following are the names of the inhabitants of Rock County (reported as Pipestone County) in 1860, their ages, occupation, birthplaces and the value of their personal property."

*Heads of families


Name Age Occupation Property Birthplace
*Henry Henderson 30 Farmer $100 England
Jane Henderson 28     England
Mary Henderson 8     Wisconsin
Thomas Henderson 6     Wisconsin
*Charles Henderson 46 Farmer $120 England
Ann Henderson 48     England
William Henderson 24 Farmer $75 England
Henry Henderson 23 Farmer   England
John Henderson 20 Farmer   England
Catherine Henderson 17     England
*John Burgess 48 Farmer $150 Ireland
*Eaven Johnson 31 Farmer $100 Norway
Thomas Johnson 27 Farmer   Norway
*William Tealand 35     Norway
Mary Tealand 37     Norway
James Tealand 11     Wisconsin
Henry Tealand 10     Wisconsin
John Tealand 8     Wisconsin
*Henry Churchill 37 Farmer   Ohio
*William Henderson 31 Farmer   New York
*Hamilton Colby 39 Farmer   Ireland
*Thomas Edgerton 26 Trader $200 New Hampshire
*William Hendricks 27 Trader $100 Ohio