Spanish American War - 1898

Excerpts from An Illustrated History of the Counties of Rock and Pipestone, Minnesota

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In 1898 Rock county furnished a company of soldiers, who took part in the Spanish-American War, serving a little less than ten months within the United States. A few months before the breaking out of hostilities a militia company at Luverne had been mustered out of the service, and the adjutant general having refused to consider the request for its re-enlistment, the company organized for the war was purely volunteer, although it contained many former members of the militia. The volunteers perfected an organization June 6, 1898, when they elected L. S. Nelson, captain; Frank Ferguson, first lieutenant; and William E. Preston, second lieutenant.

President McKinley made his second call for volunteers May 25, but owing to the necessity of recruiting the skeleton companies of the former Minnesota regiments, the troops waiting to respond were not mustered in at once. Finally, Governor Clough issued the long-awaited orders for the mobilization of the Fifteenth Minnesota regiment, and on July 6, the Rock county company departed for St. Paul. there was a big demonstration at Luverne when the company took its departure.

The Fifteenth Minnesota regiment, of which the Rock county company became Company G, was mustered into the United States service July 18, 1898. The company and regiment were stationed at Camps Ramsey and Snelling, near St. Paul, until September 15. During that time the regiment went through a fearful typhoid fever epidemic, when many men of Company G were ill with the disease, resulting in several deaths in the company and others of the regiment.

From Minnesota the regiment went to Camp Meade, near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where it was assigned to the third brigade of the first division of the second army corps. There it remained until November 15, when the regiment was transferred to Camp McKenzie, near Augusta, Georgia. The regiment and company were mustered out at that camp March 27, 1899.

Following is the roster of the company at the time of mustering out, with the rank of the soldier at that time and his place of residence given in the original muster roll:

Louis S. Nelson (captain) Luverne
Frank Ferguson (first lieutenant) Magnolia
George W. Eckles (second lieutenant) St. Paul
William E. Preston (first sergeant) Luverne
George P. Jones (quartermaster sergeant) Luverne
Mathias Baldwin Sherman, SD
George A. Otis St. Paul
Charles J. Becklund St. Paul
Charles J. Solberg Luverne
John H. McMillian Luverne
Roy Ollson Magnolia
George E. Munch Edgerton
John W. Mueller Luverne
Markus M. Chatfield Kanaranzi
Frank Irvine Luverne
Frank M. McKenzie Redfield, Iowa
Walter H. Snook Luverne
Harry D. Ayer Luverne
John M. McCormick Graceville
John H. May Keokuk, Iowa
Emil Reddel Aitkin
Dale R. Terrill Edgerton
Ovey V. Shippey (musician) Alexandria
William Niederberger (musician) Magnolia
Patrick Miller (artificer) St. Paul
Luther J. Bush (wagoner) Kanaranzi
Halvor Arneson Luverne
Frank E. Barclay Magnolia
H. Delos Barnard Chandler
Edward H. Bauer St. Paul
Nick Bergerson Luverne
William W. Birmingham East Grand Forks
Hiram Brewster Vassar, Michigan
Chauncey A. Campbell Pine Island
Guy C. Chatfield Kanaranzi
Carl E. Dahl Luverne
William Downs Alexandria
John M. Duell St. Paul
Joseph P. Dwyer Graceville
Henry C. Eickmann Alexandria
George Iveland Luverne
George A. Fish Alexandria
John A. Gant Magnolia
Frank Gould DesMoines, Iowa
Edward Groot Rock Elm, Wisconsin
Frederick J. Hobert Chicago, Illinois
Aksel Hofgaard Edgerton
Axtel P. Holstein Minneapolis
Carl Hoven Luverne
George W. Humphrey Nevada, Missouri
Teeter Johnson Ashcreek
Joseph E. Jones Luverne
Daniel Kelly St. Paul
Daniel J. Kelly St. Paul
Jermiah Kelly St. Paul
Carl J. King Alexandria
Ingebrit G. Klungness Beaver Creek
Herman A. Kreuger Cottage Grove
Edward P. Lampman Alexandria
Alexander G. Lundquest Luverne
Thomas McLean St. Paul
Michael Naylon Adrian
Herman Oestreich Hardwick
Carl J. Olson Minneapolis
Ole M. Oleson Luverne
William N. Olson Willmar
Christian Peterson Steel Center
Anton Peterson St. Paul
Nick Peterson Audubon
Charles Pickett Magnolia
William D. Pickett Edgerton
Scott G. Rogers Luverne
Olof B. Running Beaver Creek
Lee Rutter Ashcreek
Eugene E. Scott Luverne
Tonguin Senum Fosston
George W. Shurr Kanaranzi
Bendick P. Shuros Highlandville, Iowa
Samuel Simpkins Luverne
Harry H. Snook Luverne
Steve Stephens Luverne
Louis Sustacek Havana
Nick Sward Nelson Station
William A. Swenemson Graceville
Martin Severson Highland, Wisconsin
Henry Smuser Luverne
Chris Thorsen Luverne
Warner Townsend Magnolia
Adolph Tshudden Edgerton
Albert E. Vance Winona
William J. Welsh Graceville
Harry N. Willett Luverne
Wilmot O. Wilson Browns Valley
John B. Wood Luverne
Guy B. Woodle Luverne
Joseph E. Zikmund St. Paul
G Company sustained losses as follows: (Pg 47)
Sergeant Severt O. Nelson, of Luverne died: September 15, 1898
Corporal Ove C.H. Knudtson, of Luverne died: August 27, 1898
Corporal Godfrey Zimmerman, of St. Paul died: September 21, 1898
Frederick D. Christian, of Kanaranzi died: October 22, 1898
William H. Dinney, of Little Falls died: September 12, 1898
William J. Kenney, died: August 25, 1898
William W. Blaker, of St. Paul was discharged: October 22, 1898 by order of the secretary of war.
George H. Crossman, of Beaver Creek was transferred to the signal corps: January 20, 1899
Ernest Wood, of Walker, was transferred to Company C : July 31, 1898
Thomas J. Noonan, of Prior Lake, deserted: August 29, 1898
William Williams, of Cleveland, Ohio, deserted: July 19, 1898
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