N - WWI Honor Roll * Rock County

Albert G. Nerison, Hills, Minn. Private, 363d Field Hospital, Entered service April 1918. Trained at Camp Lewis, Wash.
Carl J. Nerison, Hills, Minn. Mechanic, Bat. "F," 17th F. A., 2nd Div. Entered service May 1917. Trained at Sparta, Wis. Departed overseas Dec. 1917. Battles: St. Mihiel, Chapagne, Argonne, Verdun, Chateau-Thierry, Soisson.
George H. Nerison, Hills, Minn. Chaplain, 83d Field Artillery. Entered service November 1917. Trained at Camp Freemont, Cal. Departed overseas Sept. 1918.
Helmer Nerison, Hills, Minn. Corporal, Co. "D," 64th Inf., 7th Div. Entered service May 1918. Trained at Camp McArthur, Waco, Texas. Departed overseas August 1918. (Two months service at the front.)
Christ Elmer Newgaard, Hills, Minn. Private, Base Hospital, Medical Dept. Entered service July 24, 1918. Trained at Camp Gordon, Ga.
Gunder Nisja, Hills, Minn. Private First Class, Co. "A," 307th Inf. Entered service May 27, 1918. Trained at Camp Kearney, Cal. Departed overseas August 8, 1918. Battle, Meuse-Argonne. Wounded, Meuse-Argonne.
Harvey R. Norton, Luverne, Minn. Private First Class, Co. "G," 165th Inf., 42nd Div. Entered service July 15, 1917. Trained at Camp Cody. Departed overseas June 26, 1918. Battles: Argonne, Chateau-Thierry, St. Mihiel, Lorraine.


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