1935 Map

1911 History


~1935 Map contributed by Chad Lape

An Illustrated History of the Counties of Rock and Pipestone, Minnesota
By Arthur P. Rose, 1911

Chapter III
County and Township Organization, 1870-1878


Grant township, embracing the present precincts of Clinton and Kanaranzi, was created by the commissioners February 18, 1871, two days after the organization of Luverne township had been authorized.  The organization of the township was perfected soon after, but it was organized under the name of Clinton, after the town of Clinton, New York, and upon the suggestion of one of the residents.  Upon the petition of the settlers of the new township, dated October 11, 1871, the territory now comprising Martin township was given to Clinton, making the precinct include the southern tier of townships. It retained those dimensions until Kanaranzi and Martin townships were created early in 1873.

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