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~1935 Map contributed by Chad Lape

An Illustrated History of the Counties of Rock and Pipestone, Minnesota
By Arthur P. Rose, 1911

Chapter III
County and Township Organization, 1870-1878

At the time of county organization the settlement was confined almost wholly to the southern half of the county and there was no immediate call for the organization of townships in the northern part, but immediately after perfecting the county organization, steps were taken to bring about township organization in some of the more thickly settled portions. Between the years 1871 and 1878 all of the townships were created and were governed by township officers. While the story of the creation of the several townships under one chapter head will break into the chronological order of events in the general history of the county, it seems best to treat the matter in this place and take up the other items following the county organization at the beginning of the next chapter. The seniority of the several townships as created by the board of county commissioners is as follows: Luverne, Grant (Clinton), Beaver Creek, Magnolia, Kanaranzi, Martin, Gregory (including the six northern townships), Vienna, Albion (Springwater), Mound, Riverside (Battle Plain), Rose Dell and Dover (Denver.)

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