1935 Map

1911 History


~1935 Map contributed by Chad Lape

An Illustrated History of the Counties of Rock and Pipestone, Minnesota
By Arthur P. Rose, 1911

Chapter III
County and Township Organization, 1870-1878


From early in 1871 the residents of the southeast corner township had been under the local government of Clinton township, but on January 15, 1873, upon the petition of A. E. Thompson and others, their territory was set off into a separate precinct and named Kanaranzi.  A time and place for holding the first town meeting was selected by the board, and in a short time township government was begun. The creek which flows through the eastern and southern part of the township furnished the name.  Kanaranzi is one of the oldest place names in Rock county and is probably of Indian origin.  It appears upon Joseph N. Nicollet’s map of 1843 as the name of the creek, being then spelled “Karanzi.”

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