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1911 History

Early Land Patents

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An Illustrated History of the Counties of Rock and Pipestone, Minnesota
By Arthur P. Rose, 1911

Chapter III
County and Township Organization, 1870-1878

The petition asking for the creation of Rock county’s first township was dated February 15, 1871, and was presented to the county commissioners on that date. It was signed by:
E. N. Darling
Ed. McKenzie
P. J. Kniss
William Blasdell
G. W. Daniels
Horace Plum
L. A. Daniels
Philo Hawes
William Greer
John Jones
H. Sawyer
J. C. Phelps
G. Webber
S. Wilcox
S. D. Gregory
C. C. Jones.
The commissioners took the requested action on February 16 and created Luverne township (named after the village), embracing the present townships of Luverne and Mound and the east half of Magnolia

The few settlers in other parts of Rock county were then without township organization, and to bring all parts of the county under legal government, the commissioners on May 27, 1871, declared Luverne township’s boundaries extended to include all of the nine present day northern townships.

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